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Magnetic Impulse

Started by MR MAGN3TIC, January 10, 2011, 09:14:20 PM

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While I am still working on Zombies Can't Eat Me! (which is a small project), I have also begun working on a Final Fantasy Hack, which will be part 1 of a trilogy. The game takes place in the same world as FF1, and revolves around Magnetic and his posse as they try to save the world from Furious the Bum from turning it into Bumopolis. Outside of the main storyline, the game will parody internet and pop culture. For example, Edward Cullen will be a boss, and AVGN will make a cameo appearence. What I'm asking for here is ideas on what else to parody.

WIP Screenshots


Kieth Apicary

But really, it depends on whether you want your hack to appeal to specific audience or to a select one (or even yourself).  'Cause no everyone is going to get all your spoofs, but there's not much fun in catering to things you're not intersted in either.


Britney Spears as a boss, all sexy and in her prime. Her second form could be the bald, crazy Britney. Maybe even the same could be applied to a Whitney Houston boss, only on and off crack.


I'd like to add that Furious the Bum is based off of a real guy I know. He is very unpleasant and is the "gangster-wannabe" type. Even though players do not know the guy FTB is based off of, I will try my best for players to be able to connect with the character. The "Bum" part of his name comes from the fact that he believes calling people "bums" is an insult. If anybody is skilled at making sprites I could use some help. Also, I know some hacks have custom music, yet I an't find a way to do it with FFHackster. So how would I use custom music?

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Added a few current screens to the OP.