Need help altering text in an English patched Genesis game

Started by thisjustin2001, May 28, 2022, 09:31:45 PM

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Would anyone be willing to help me change some lines of the English patched version of Yu Yu Hakusho? Specifically names in the Stage Select Screen? I have no idea if the text is in Ascii format or if it's considered a compressed image, but what I do know is that TextCRK cannot find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've never heard of TextCRK before. Googling around only turns up this video, which feels like it's five times longer than it needs to be.

The standard means of changing text is to work out a table file using relative search.  You can read more about that in some of the starter documents.

If the names in the Stage Select screen are actually images and not text, then you should look at the ROM with Tile Molester or a similar program – though that will not help if the images are compressed.

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It looks like it's images and not "text".

Use Crystaltile2, offset 2E39E0, width 8, height 16, tile format N64/MD 4bpp. You should see all of the stage names. Character names and other stuff is a little below that.