[NES] Metroid 1 - Ultimate Remake - Based on Rogue Dawn engine modifications

Started by Grimlock, July 13, 2020, 12:22:56 AM

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Awesome progress on developing music! I'm impressed at how quickly you moved into action, I wasn't expecting that! I need to get you the current build and design tools to open the project in an emulator. Join the metroid construction Discord and DM me.

Apologies for not posting here recently, much of the project discussion was happening on Discord. I'll be more attentive to this thread.


The music is fantastic and will fit perfectly with the project! It actually inspires me to push the project even further.  :thumbsup:

For those who are not sure how to play the music file download this emulator: FCEUX


Just drag the .nsf file onto the emulator (exe file).