[Technical] [SNES] Earthbound, more inventory mechanics hacking

Started by McKnight, November 26, 2021, 04:13:07 AM

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That person I commissioned for to mod Earthbound has made quite a number of changes already.  So far, he's managed to reinstate the Use option for unconscious characters' items, and is currently focused on seeking dummied out cutscenes such as two that were revealed months ago.  He had also showed me some time ago, his progress in an actual ROM, where a bug remains in the hallway in Ness' house due to trying to darken that (along with Ness and Tracy's rooms) for when Onett gets invaded, and is confident enough that he'll be able to fix that and make most of the remaining changes I had requested.

He is still having trouble figuring out how to tackle the following:

-Allow players to use an item instead of tossing one before collecting an enemy gift.
-Allow players to trade items between characters, instead of having to transfer each item individually.

Might anyone have some tips about those?


Sounds more like a progress update rather than a help wanted ad.

And you forgot to mention the platform again. Don't count on "I thought it would be obvious".


This is cool stuff I would want such a mod myself I was actually thinking of doing so at some point.

In my hack I plan to replace Ness's inventory with the escargo expresses Data Bank... At least until I could improve the page size for each player's inventory by twice the size.

I'll have to look into that at some point I'm busy with my SNES SimCity+ project, all of my other projects are on the back burner for now.