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UMK3 sega genesis arcade hack updating

Started by Nik Pi, April 22, 2022, 07:38:22 AM

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Nik Pi

SeregaZ, anyway- it looks nice  :)
It has a 15 colours at palette!


SeregaZ: the mega drive has 4 palettes of 16 colors, one of which is transparent, fighting guy uses a patella of 16 left over "32 colors" but as one is repeated which is the transparent one left only 31 but if you can't use the transtapend color in the scenario then so it's only 30 colors, you can do a great job if well distributed, especially if the shades are so different from each other as for example the two colors used in Repitile and Jade, if not so different the image is fine Softer

May 02, 2022, 02:41:20 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Nik Pi:have you heard of the new enguine hamoopig for mega drive fighting games? with it would be possible an MK trilogy with the same big sprites of the arcade and/or ps1, at the moment they are developing Realbolt Fatal Fury Special and fatal Fury One reimagined with some improvements to overcome the neogeo version, of course it works together with the SGDK
this is the Hamoopig developer channel, it is in portuguese, the first comment pinned to the top has links including hamoopig and another channel with the Real Bolt FF Special MD project with NeoGeo sprites

May 07, 2022, 08:53:51 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Nik PI:an important suggestion, correct the flaw in the sprite of Cyrax's victory pose, I noticed that the UMK3 megadrive lacks some details between the abdomen and chest, it's so strange that it seems to be a flaw ;D

SouL BreaKeR

Hey wazzup guys! Im totally new here, and i have made an account here only because your amazing work for this Nemesis_c UMK3 Hack. I must admit im very impressed about the addition of the original The Graveyard theme, its awesome! About color palettes i will be very honest: the fist version released here, i mean the file "", has a more accurated color for Jade, the color palette for Jade of the latest update, i mean the file "", doesn't look very well.
I will say my opinion about Chameleon behavior: i think it's almost perfect the same as it already is, changing it to the behavior of that hack Mk Revelations will be a big mistake. The ONLY detail that should be improved for Chameleon is the fact he stops swaping colors while victory pose, while in MK Trilogy he starts swaping all colors very fast, the UMK3 Hack's Chameleon keeps the same color static.
Also there is a very important detail that should be fixed about Cyber Sub-Zero: while in the original Nemesis hack v0.6 you can see Cyber Sub-Zero making "cold air puffs" (because they are the same color as the Cyber Sub's armour), since v0.71 you can see he makes SMOKE puffs same as Smoke, i dont know why Nemesis has changed it, but it looks MUCH MUCH better with the "cold air puffs". Is it posible to fix it?


today I was playing UMK3 and when I arrived at the shao kahn scenario I realized that it does not reproduce the shadow of the characters in this scenario, I even thought it must be to not let the game slow down when facing the boss, I restarted the game I chose 2 shao kahn motaro and everything works much less in this scenario, maybe there is another one that has this problem but I only noticed in this one where shao kahn faces, it is something that would be interesting if possible to correct ;)

Nik Pi

Don't worry, work in progress. Chameleon will be fixed. I can't tell a lot, so, i just can say, we'll be back soon  :)