SimCity+ SNES Asking for help

Started by FireBrandWhip, May 25, 2022, 05:01:33 PM

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SimCity+ SNES question

Yes, there's NES released SimCity code but there's not the SNES yet...

I started a project form you can find here:

So I've been working on the super Nintendo SimCity, practically *everybody* has aspired to these dreams, yet nobody has actually hacked this version of the game yet to this level.

Unfortunately, as genius (I hate to ask for help, however..)I have several dents in my head from an injury several decades ago so it takes me a little longer to grasp the starting concepts yet-- when I do, I master it quickly...

I was hoping somebody could help me figure out where the city park tile actually is. I'm talking about the city parks where they increased land value on trying to find the graphical tile so I can replace it with a hill tile I made giving the illusion of height on a flat overview map.

I described it in this form here:

Not that I'm expecting answers right away--"to be a quick fix" ...however like said before I hate asking for help I only do it when I get stuck or need to know something further or explain a bit better.

Anyway, this is a pretty good-complex project,yet very simple... especially since it is a very simple game from what I remember... Most of the complexity is how each individual tile correlates exponentially to other tiles around it-- not so particularly the overall zone tiles placed though those are part of the sub-exponent.

I DO plan on making some video tutorials on the subject once I have this mastered so that people don't have to go through the pitfalls I have to.

If anybody on this repository or as part of the DataCrystal( which we should have better documentation for SNES SimCity) would like to assist I would greatly appreciate it and so with the community and as well as the ROM hacking world!


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Here is what I require it is quite simple:

I need someone to help do the trace route debugging disassembly for how many large parks are the maximum (3 total) and show me how to expand it to 9.

Also there are 300 small Parks required to get to one large Park as a gift I want this changed to 100 an example of how to do this exactly.

Then I am adding a new park style...
Sandy Park (use the rubble graphics)... I need step by step of how to do this exactly to insert that into the random generator to decide whether it is a regular park or a tree Park and have a chance of Sandy Park.

I require somebody who can go through these steps and document what to do exactly of how to do this is what I need I've done trace route debugging before and I'm having troubles... If I can have the above examples done for me and documented of how to do exactly I could then figure out how to do everything else on my project list.

Thank you so much! 🥰