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FF4 SNES/SFC Item Duplication Bugfix

Started by Everything, May 23, 2022, 11:46:44 AM

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Here is a patch to fix the item duplication bug in the SNES/SFC versions of Final Fantasy 4. I couldn't find any existing patches that address this, but please let me know if someone has already made a patch for this.

The item duplication bug occurs during a battle if you select an empty inventory slot first and then swap with an equipped item. If you select the equipped item first and then swap with an empty inventory slot, the bug does not occur. The blocks of code for the two cases are nearly identical, and this patch simply changes 1 byte in the code so that the behavior is the same for both cases.

Some explanations of this bug imply that there are several different item duplication bugs, but after applying this patch I couldn't get any of these bugs to occur so I believe that all of them stem from this same issue. Please let me know if there are any comments/corrections. I would also be very interested to know if anyone can find any remaining item duplication bugs after applying this patch.

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