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[Technical]Digimon Dawn/Dusk Maps

Started by plasmi, May 16, 2022, 11:17:46 AM

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Hey everyone. Currently I'm working with a team to rebuild Digimon Dawn and Dusk from scratch, including new Digimon, an expanded postgame, hella QoL changes, and more. We currently have all the resources we need!!-...except the maps. Though the vast majority of the games have been ripped, I haven't been able to find the maps anywhere online. Our biggest need right now is for someone to rip them - and I've been told a tool may need to be developed to do so. As much as I'd like to pay, I have literally zero money, so I'm putting this request out there in hopes that someone passionate about the project may see it and want to participate. That said, we're also looking for spriters, programmers familiar with C+ and Unity, and anything else that could help, so let me know if you're interested :D
For now, here are some of my works in progress.

And here's a document for everything planned.