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U.N.Squadron - European Portuguese Translation

Started by 4lorn, May 21, 2022, 09:05:42 AM

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20 years later...

Today I am kind of proud to announce I've finally finished my Portuguese (European) translation of U.N. Squadron. This project began in 2002, and it's pretty interesting to remember how out of my element I felt - and was. Try as I might, very little made sense to me beyond the bare bones of editing. The thrill of loading up the game and seeing my translated text was shot down repeatedly every time I got near any other piece of code. I resumed work on Capcom's title several times after that, but life has this way of making plans you're never briefed on.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I decided to trash the notes I had on the game, including the text translations I had already done, and started again from scratch.

So here it is.

This translation project is a bit different than usual, in regards to other fan translations. First and foremost, it's a retranslation of Area 88; though it remains somewhat faithful to the US release in one or two instances, it's primarily a translation of the JP version. Other than expected changes, such as translated text, it's also the first translation to properly state Mickey Scymon's ability, something that still seems to elude both translators and some "retro specialists". Additionally, the interface has also been adjusted to feature some longer display names and Portuguese characters without sacrificing any screen real estate. I even added double quotes, because I like neat punctuation.



I've also renamed two of the planes to match their real-life counterparts: the Tiger Shark is now "Tigershark", and the YF23 "Stealth Ray" is now the YF-23 "Gray Ghost". Extensive reworking of the logo was also done, showcasing the retranslation effort. To my knowledge, this is also the only fan translation of the game that handles the secret endgame messages shown when finishing Hard and Gamer modes.

This patch includes an additional, optional patch that boosts end-of-level rewards so that mid-tier planes are accessible earlier on (similar to blizzz's excellent Area 88 EN+), and a graphical hack that shows pilot ratings on the Pilot Selection screen, showcasing weapon growth and damage recovery rates. The optional patch is NOT standalone and must be applied on top of the PT-PT translation.

Finally, after some testing, I can also state this retranslation patch is compatible with Vitor Vilela's FastROM hack, showing no bugs or issues when applied to the finished retranslation; it can also be applied on top of the optional patch. If anyone plays this translation project, please let me know of any issues, especially in regards to FastROM compatibility (please reply only here as my inbox is full).

Special thanks:

- blizzz, for his excellent and concise information not only on mission rewards, but also on the title logo's memory transfers offsets and values (I was close, but not enough)

- slidelljohn, for telling me how the ending messages were written (took me a while to figure out how I could manipulate them, though...)

- Anyone who ever had to put up with me talking about the game.

Grab it here.

Bonus launch trailer