ROM Hacks: Super Mario Bros. Trouble Sleeping v1.1 Released!

Started by RHDNBot, May 29, 2022, 07:50:28 AM

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Update By: Rohbert

Super Mario Bros. Trouble Sleeping is a hack of Super Mario Bros 2. U for NES. This romhack is meant to be a fun and challenging hack for experienced SMB2 players. Many tricks and techniques used in the speedrun of SMB2 will be of extreme value in this romhack. (Ladder jumps, double jumps, 1-3 clip, fast carpet) It is not a kaizo game however, so casual Mario players should not struggle too much to complete this game.

This hack features 16 original levels with a few custom sprites with custom behaviors. There are 2 warps, that are required and therefore all 16 levels must always be played. All 16 levels contain 2 power up mushrooms and a one-up. Each level features a unique color palette. All levels are complete-able with all characters.

Characters look and play just as they do in the original game. Additionally, Luigi and Princess will have a much easier time getting through the levels, while Mario will be slightly hard and Toad will be very hard. Seasoned SMB2 players, Coolkid, CurtsNewBrand, Roopert83 and Stewie_Cartman have all played and enjoyed the hack.

You can check out a full play through of the game here:

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link


I'm gonna have to try this out, looks interesting. The title screen made me laugh.  :D



Watched a playthrough of this one, not gonna lie... 8 year old me back in the day playing this probably would have ended up putting a controller through the tv  :banghead: