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Dump a PSP ISO file

Started by Brutapode89, May 18, 2022, 06:02:37 AM

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Hi guys. Please, how can I dump scripts from a PSP ISO file? I need these to get french texts from FF4: The Complete Collection and translate the FF4 SNES version. Thanks in advance.


Dumping a PSP iso and getting scripts from it are rather different things.

Anyway it is much the same as anything else with a filesystem. Get your iso, unpack it (most would usually suggest "umdgen" ) and then you get to find the text. Names, extensions, sizes, relative search, tracing (not sure what PPSSPP, the main PSP emulator, has these days for debug support so you might need a suitably custom firmware PSP and have some fun with the memory readers on that), corruption, other mathematical/linguistic methods... all potential options here (I cover a bunch in if you want, it is for the DS mostly but the principles apply here as well, though you are less likely to encounter compression) and dump it however you will.

I will note however that later translations might be more wordy (higher resolution screen and you could probably fit 1000 copies of the script in and most likely not trouble sizes), not to mention French generally is longer (there is a reason all those Arabic translations tend to opt for the French base ROM). The order might have changed as well. To that end not so many will backport scripts from much later systems as it is usually a lot of effort to either cut down the new one or expand the old ROM to fit it. English Final Fantasy tends to be the main exception as the English translations and official translators have something of a following but I don't know what goes for French (nor whether they went from an English base to French or straight from Japanese).


I couldn't find texts with UMDGen. :(


UMDGen is just something to view the game files and unpack (and repack and even relink) files.

I assume however you opened it in it, looked at all the files, did not see a file called this_is_the_game_s_text.txt in a folder called script and have now given up? Or did you do more? Did you try relative search on what might be good candidates (or indeed the whole ISO and then relay it back to figure out the corresponding file if it found something) ? Compare files between the Japanese release and NA/PAL one to see what files changed (chances are the changed files will include your text and the changes will be substantial across the file rather than a few bytes here and there (not to mention if the original Japanese was only Japanese then if it gained more files* or some files ballooned in size to have say 5 languages in it rather than 1 then also good to look there)? There are plenty of other methods of finding text (I mentioned a few others previously).

*quite often having file names like msg0001.whatever in Japanese becomes msg0001_en.whatever with others being _fr, _ge/_de, _it, _sp/_es and whatever other English language names or native language names might be included in the file.


Okay. I'll verify.