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ROM Hacks: Inspector Gadget for NES Released

Started by RHDNBot, May 16, 2022, 04:53:33 PM

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Update By: tygerbug

Fans of the Zapper light gun for the Nintendo Entertainment System should enjoy Inspector Gadget, a new hack of the unusual and challenging autorunning shooting platformer Gumshoe (1986). The hack is based on the 1983 animated series.

Players must guide the accident-prone, half-mechanical secret agent across four difficult stages - City, Air, Sea and Jungle - before facing off with the Zulie Monster, rescuing Penny and unmasking the evil Dr. Claw. Brain the dog, Chief Quimby, Madcat, and three MAD Agents will also appear in a complete playthrough.

While the Zapper only works on older CRT televisions, there are also options to play Zapper games on emulator and hardware, with newer accessories like the GunCon3 and Wiimote replacing your PC mouse.

Inspector Gadget was an animated series from DiC Entertainment, created by Andy Heyward, Jean Chalopin and Bruno Bianchi, and starring the voice of Don Adams. It premiered on September 12, 1983.

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This made my day - I love Gumshoe and Nintendo never seems to give it the attention that it deserves. I love Brain's incredibly grumpy expression on the title-screen there, too. :laugh:


I thought it was Maurice LaMarche (later famous for The Brain from Animaniacs and Father from Codename: Kids Next Door) who voiced Gadget, not Don Adams.


  Don Adams played Inspector Gadget in the 1983 series. (He had starred in Get Smart, and played this role similarly - replacing Gary Owens from the pilot.) Maurice LaMarche and Frank Welker recorded additional lines and were part of the cast. Maurice LaMarche also played Gadget on the Super Mario Bros Super Show, and eventually took over as Gadget.