Code geass hangyaku no lelouch fan translation help requested.

Started by FlarePhoenix, May 16, 2022, 05:56:08 PM

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I'm trying to figure our how to get the pointers to dump the text to translate the game and reinsert the text. I can read the Japanese with the Japanese shift table but I need the text pointers and I don't know how to find or calculate them
The platform is the Nintendo DS.


Hi FlarePhoenix!

Are you a Japanese translator?

This is actually a game we've looked into before at the Anime Game Translations Team. The extractor/inserter tool hasn't been fully perfected yet and our hacker is currently away, but we could provide a text dump to get you started and further support down the line if that's something which might be of interest?


I have a translator working with me. I was trying to get the Japanese text dump without any system code, as I could send it to my translator and I would put it back into the game. I figured since no one has completed the translation since it was started in 2008 that I would throw a shot at it.
I'd rather dump it myself just to make sure the dump is complete, and that's why I asked about the text pointers.
However, if you would like to send me the dump you have, I'll take a look at it to see if all the text is present for the game.
PS: the text ripper tool I'm using is the generic one from this website. It is called pointer tables by rveach.
The exe is called table.exe.


Sure, I'll DM you with the dump we have so far!

I can't do it myself, but when our hacker is back I'm sure he won't mind also sharing the WIP tool he's written (in python) which should give you some extra insight at least. (The whole hacking this is a bit beyond me I'm afraid :laugh:)