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eDKit - Donkey Kong '94 (GB) Level Editor

Started by bailli, February 13, 2014, 04:40:33 PM

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A generic document about level/game editors would turn out either pretty useless or much too large IHMO...
The "Pretty useless" variant goes something like this: Find data by ROM corruption and trail and error or find data using a debugger/disassembler or combine both...

Back to topic: I did a git push including an updated win32 build.
New features:
- undo function (CTRL+U)
- export/import level data
- display VRAM usage

Be careful about the tile "naming". It is not perfect yet, especially for the "ground" tiles. For example some tiles look solid but aren't and it might be helpful to know through which tiles you can climb through from below...

Some remarks about the VRAM usage: same "tiles" go into the sprite calculation (key, exit, fake exit, expandle ground/ladder, placeable block/spring, super hammer) and some tiles "spawn" additional sprites. The sprites can use up to 256 tiles in VRAM, the tiles may use at least 80 tiles in VRAM and additionally free space in the sprite VRAM block.

Up next is probably the pre- and post level "cut scences". Create a lvl0 with lock+key instead of DK and watch what happens currently ;)

P.S. (At least under WINE) the win32 VRAM usage bars don't look as half as nice as they do for my linux build...

EDIT: Added some new Screenshots to starting post...


No editor update, but a small "development blog" update:

In my search for the level begin and end animations I found something interesting which I dubbed "game flow list":
It is basically a command list which controls the complete flow of the game after you select a save slot. I found commands for (01 xx) load level; (02 xx) load map; (03 xx) level begin animation; (04 xx) level end animation; (14 xx) play cutscene and finally roll credits (16 00).

By modifying this list I can - for example - "remove" the "DK bends girders intro" and create a very first level with proper "Help, help, help" start animation and no end animation... The stacked DKs before the arcade levels are actually "map screens" btw...

I also noticed something strange. The SGB palette which my editor currently associates with an actual level seems to get loaded/set by the preceding map screen: If I switch around map screens the following level gets the palette from the level which usually follows the map screen. So SGB palettes seem to need more work before they are perfectly handled. I also noticed that there might be a bug in writing the SGB palettes back to ROM, btw.


The music track names according to PMH are:

# @TITLE       Donkey Kong
# @ARTIST      Pax Softnica, Nintendo
# @COMPOSER    Taisuke Araki
# @DATE        1994-06-14
# @RIPPER      Drag
# @TAGGER      Warpstar

DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,2,File Select,0:43,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,4,Construction Site,0:03,,5
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,5,Pie Factory,0:02,,5
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,6,Big City,2:01,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,13,Rocky Valley,1:09,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,15,Stage Theme 1,0:33,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,16,Stage Theme 2,1:24,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,17,Stage Theme 3,0:52,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,18,Stage Theme 4,0:32,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,19,Stage Theme 5,0:34,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,20,Stage Theme 6,0:21,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,21,Stage Theme 7,0:54,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,22,The Ancient Pyramid,0:42,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,23,Scaling the Tower,0:26,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,26,Big Battle,0:43,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,29,In the Air,2:01,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,30,Battle in the Air,0:49,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,31,Big Battle in the Air,0:43,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,32,Temporary Bridge,0:08,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,33,Time Running Out! (part 1),0:14,,5
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,34,Time Running Out! (part 2),0:16,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,35,Stage Clear!,0:03,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,37,DK Escapes!,0:26,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,38,DK is Defeated,0:03,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,39,A Brief Reunion,0:03,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,40,Death by Fall,0:03,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,41,Death by Impact,0:04,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,42,Bonus Game,0:09,,5
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,43,Bonus Fanfare,0:03,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,44,World Clear!,0:03,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,45,Game Over,0:14,,5
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,27,Showdown at the Tower,2:38,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,28,Giant DK,1:33,,10
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,46,Reunion Fanfare,0:12,,1
DMG-QDA.gbs::GBS,47,Staff Roll,2:16,,1


Although I have absolutely no idea on how to use this editor, I am excited to see what future projects arise from this level editor. DK 94 was such a fun game from my childhood and it's nice to see it get some of the recognition it deserves.