Super Ale Bros. Redux - A Super Mario Bros Rom Hack that has (nearly) everything

Started by AleFunky, May 15, 2022, 12:39:39 PM

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So, on April 2021 i started my first major romhack and it is also the remake of my first smb1 romhack (Super Ale Bros.).
This hack helped me learn ASM. I started with simple things and then i went for crazy things.

This hack has a lot of new features (and by a lot, i mean a lot. I forget some of them). Some of which are:

-Fully implemented backwards scrolling.
-ON/OFF blocks.
-Shell grabs.
-Pause Menu.
-Shells interacts with blocks.
-Hard mode (press A on title screen to toggle it).
-Throw up and release shells (like Super Mario World).
-Upgraded smb1 default physics.
-Fixed some annoying bugs of the smb1 engine.
-Best score is backed up now.
-Multiple proper's on screen.
-Swimmable water and lethal lava.
-4 digits coin counter (still gives a 1-up at 100 coins).
-And more!

This hack is inspired on Super Mario Freedom.

NOTE: this is a demo and has only 3 levels so far, so feel free to suggest or report bugs as is still in development!

If you want to try it, there you go:

Thanks for playing!


This is the first SMB hack I've downloaded from this site, and I liked it. I'm also very impressed by it from a technical point of view. MMC3 conversion, SRAM usage, 4-screen, scrolling levels backwards, several new gameplay mechanics. That's a really cool trick you did there with background in 1-2. Dude, nice job, keep it up  :thumbsup:

Midnight Metronome


Hello, I think the work you have done so far is sensational.

The new ideas like going backwards, the improvements in the sprites like being able to crouch with Mario boy I liked a lot!

I also like taking the turtles and throwing them, it's an idea that enhances the original Mario.

The level design seems a little off to me.
but it has original parts that I like like areas with water where you can swim.

With the improvements you have made there is a lot of potential to make very interesting levels. I would like to see the original levels recreated with all these mechanics.
I'm aware that others like ON/OFF Blocks wouldn't work well with the original level designs, but it's a matter of making some variations to make it all come together.

I am impatient to see how this project improves, I would like to see all your ideas cohesive with those of this other hack:

Both of you could collaborate to recreate the best possible Super Mario Bros. Hack. I have already left my ideas and suggestions in that other thread to the author, and I have mentioned your work for the other author to take into account.

I will follow your work, thanks for your contribution!


I tried out your DEMO version hack.

You know, this is a high-quality hack that clearly invested not only strength, but also love.

Three levels - but three unique and qualitatively submitted levels. I see here they drew inspiration not only from the Mario Freedom hack, but also from Mario Maker

Elements from different Mario games, but - done competently. I especially noticed that they tried to scroll the screen and the background for level 2.

Characters: Have different physics of movements and, for me personally, a surprise, animations for small versions of Mario (Luigi) (I'm talking about squats...)

I haven't seen such works for a long time. And, now, I'm looking forward to this project in the release of the FULL VERSION

To your project and to you: Promotion, Good luck and let everyone talk about it

:thumbsup: :beer: :woot!:

Leviathan Mist

I know this was just a tech demo of sorts, but it was a real treat to play. Look forward to a more complete hack using this base.


Do you plan on keeping the classic SMB style or do you want to add custom graphics?


Just tried this. Brilliant level design. Love P switches and on/off switches. Being able to grab and throw shells sideways or up/down feels surreal in Mario 1. It's great! Ducking gfx for when you're small mario is a nice touch, so you can visually see when you are pressing down. Swimmable water and waterfall is great.

I know it's just a demo but just some things to note, there's a spot in 1-2 where you can go to the very top and run to the end which leads to nothing. When you go back enough, enemies disappear. In general there's too many 1ups.

Great demo! This is looking to be a legendary hack.


I hate to sound like a heretic but the P-Speed is kinda useless. The level design doesn't facilitate it well. The only areas where I'm able to properly reach and maintain P-Speed is in the empty space over the flagpole.

And the P-Meter isn't intuitive. In SMB3, it was a bar that would fill up, and it was at the bottom-center of the screen, near Mario, so the player could keep track of both at the same time. In this hack, the it's is at the top of the screen, away from where the player is looking. And rather than a bar, it's a number that goes up, so the player can't gauge how close to P-Speed they are.

P-Speed doesn't have much of a point without flying, four-directional scrolling, or a HUD at the bottom of the screen. ...But if you implemented all that stuff, you'd basically just wind up with SMB3, so the hack would have no point.

If you want to have something like P-speed, I suggest making it so that Stars make Mario run faster, and strategically placing Stars in areas where there is ample space to run through enemies.

Hope this helps. The hack is looking really impressive overall.


heya, awesome demo  :thumbsup:

I have some comments:

-Hopefully none of these additions rendered pipes inaccessible?  I think I tested them all and found no pipes to enter.

-It would be neat if a shell in hand could collide with an enemy when they touch.

-I love everything else, amazing work.  Good luck with your project!


Quote from: altoiddealer on May 23, 2022, 02:20:24 PM
heya, awesome demo  :thumbsup:

I have some comments:

-Hopefully none of these additions rendered pipes inaccessible?  I think I tested them all and found no pipes to enter.

-It would be neat if a shell in hand could collide with an enemy when they touch.

-I love everything else, amazing work.  Good luck with your project!

Actually, there's pipes that are accesible, but there won't be any sub areas as I couldn't implement it with backwards scrolling