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Author Topic: Translations: PCE Shmup Honey in the Sky English Patch Released  (Read 351 times)


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Update By: filler

Late last month Cabbage, Filler, and 4lorn released an unofficial English language translation patch for Honey in the Sky, a quirky shoot 'em up developed by Sankindo and published by FACE.

The game's protagonist is a Japanese haniwa figure, clay figures historically used as funerary objects, nick-named "Honey". Similarly to his historical counterparts Honey can be outfitted with both weapons and armor. He's tasked by the god Izanaki to enter his wife Izanami's heart and to vanquish the evil which has invaded it.

This patch fully translates the game into English. It also includes support for 3-button controllers to enable counter-clockwise rotation of Honey's shot (mapped to the SELECT button) in addition to the default clockwise rotation.

Check it out!

RHDN Project Page

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