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Issue with hydlide 3 ( namcot 106 )

Started by tbpbird, July 12, 2022, 04:14:05 PM

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Hey guys, i was wondering if this would be a easy fix.
I use VirtualNES

When i save the english translation of the game i get a pitch buzzing noise until i close the emulator.My save also disappear once i close the emulator.

But when i try the japanse ROM and i save, it saves perfectly and no buzzing noise.

Is there a way to fix that ? i hate playing with save state i feel like its cheating.
i'd like to play the game as if i was playing on console.

i was thinking to use hd editor neo , and copy and paste the area ( namcot 106 save coding )  and paste them in the english translation. Not quite sure thats how it should be made but any help would be great.



Most likely case is that, if it handles Namcot 163 emulation, it might be detecting the proper configuration based on ROM hash, meaning it will only recognize the Japanese original correctly.

Some games have the expanded sound capabilities and some don't, some games use the internal RAM as save memory and some don't. Some games have both expanded sound and save function (which means they use external RAM from the N163 chip).
I think there is some iNES 2.0 configuration ability (which I would imagine you'd need to use another emulator. I could be wrong but I think VirtuaNES was a pretty outdated emulator), but I don't know how to set it up. And the NESDev site seems to be down for awhile (which is where I'd otherwise read about it).
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