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super mario bros. improved!

Started by red M95, April 22, 2022, 09:04:03 PM

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red M95

hi, i'm making a new improvement for the classic super mario bros. game, called: "super mario bros. improved"!
so far what i modified was:
added some details to the sprites;
added lower case letters (thanks N·K lol);
added music to the intermediate screen (the screen that shows your lives and stuff).
what i'm planning on adding/ modifying:
add an intro screen to it (working on that right now, lots of attempts and no success...);
add level previews on the intermediate screen;
change the soundtrack a bit, adding music for bowser fights and adding a music for the title screen (i made the title screen play the overworld theme, but i'll change that after managing to do what i want first);
(and maybe try to add a cutscene that shows the whole story of the game).
here're some screenshots of it, the game is kinda sketchy but i obviously will improve it soon:
the intro screen, still not done yet, as you can clearly see:
the title screen:
and a bit of the demo:


it is amazing what a tiny bit of shading will do to a hack. also, you have some great ideas for this hack. it looks lovely :beer:. btw, when you upload photos to imgbb you have the option to copy the bb link that will allow the photos to show up in your post.
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It looks excellent, I hope to play it when it gets finished.  :thumbsup:

red M95

so, i managed to make the intro screen black, but, if i open up the game on mesen's ppu viewer, i see that there's still that top status bar, i'm wondering how can i remove it and make it load just when it goes to the title screen:

and here's the nametable view:

April 27, 2022, 05:32:47 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

progress is slow, but at least i'm having some progress, here's the current intro screen:

April 27, 2022, 08:02:22 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

i was able to make it print half of the logo, i think it can't draw the whole thing 'cos it's actually a sprite and not a background. i dunno how to transform it into background, i think i should see one of those tutorials...

April 30, 2022, 01:40:22 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

i had an idea which was to make separate intro screens, one for the nintendo logo and my name, and another one for the coin, but, for some reason the first intro screen appears for a fraction of a millisecond and then the other screen appears for the correct amount of time, i dunno what to do now...
at least i was able to fix my issue, i removed the status bar, but the background's still blue:

red M95

after some days without coding, i finally managed to make the background black!
but, i still couldn't solve the intro screen timer issue...


Good prospects with this hack, the ideas are promising.

I wonder if it would be possible to adapt content from the Game Boy version of super mario bros DX that I list below:

Mini map.

In addition to some improvements such as the clock icon in the upper hud.

Add missing sounds like the pipe when you come out of it. (The NES version doesn't have it.)

Another suggestion would be if it is possible to adapt the Mario sprite
and Luigi with the colors of the original. This sprite is taken from Super Mario Oddisey.

And finally, it would be interesting to give the home screen a facelift with Mario's letters in color, just like the deluxe version.

Here's an example I've done:

I hope that the ideas are to your liking and hopefully they can be implemented.


red M95

almost everything is possible, the only thing that's not possible is the color palette for mario, 'cos the nes only handles 4 colors for each sprite.


Quote from: red M95 on May 12, 2022, 08:17:24 PM
almost everything is possible, the only thing that's not possible is the color palette for mario, 'cos the nes only handles 4 colors for each sprite.

Well, if you really want 5 colors for Mario it's possible but really hard to do. You could make Mario have 2 overlapping sprites like in SMB2USA or Megaman. That's ASM, I don't think I've seen it done before on SMB.
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Having more sprites for Mario alone also increases the chance of sprite flickering, because you can't have more than 8 sprites on the same scanline. Unless you only play on emulators that have the option to ignore this limitation.


  What you're thinking of is a Mesen HDPack, which allow for more colors in emulation. It's not possible to do that many colors on the NES, at least without sacrifices elsewhere and more coding than Super Mario Bros has.




I come again to refresh ideas, those already mentioned above by me as well as others that could come great to the game:

I will mention the aforementioned a bit as a summary + the new ideas that I have seen today and that it seems to me that if they were well implemented, it would be the best hack of Super Mario Bros.

1.I propose to add the following improvements and fixes from the Game Boy Color version of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe:

-Add Map between levels (same as Game Boy Color) with the ability to select Luigi by pressing Select.

-Simplify the HUD like the Deluxe version by adding the clock icon.

-Add improved animations from the Deluxe version (Toad jump animation once rescued) and add water and lava animation.

-Add sounds missing from the Deluxe version such as the sound of the pipes when you leave them (in Nes it only does it when entering them).

-If I have left any other fixes or improvements to the Deluxe version please have someone fill in my suggestions.

2.I propose other improvements in Sprites that I already mentioned before:

-Adapt the Mario 8bits Sprite from Super Mario Oddisey (I am aware of the limitations already mentioned and that they can also be skipped if done well)

-Adapt the colors of the Game Boy Color Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Logo to the title screen of the NES version (Similar to the Mockup I did above)

3.Here comes the new and tested today by me:

I have reviewed this hack from user @AleFunky:

Here are some of the improvements:

This hack has a lot of new features (and by a lot, I mean a lot. I forget some of them). Some of which are:

-Fully implemented backwards scrolling.
-ON/OFF blocks.
-Shell grabs.
-Pause Menu.
-Shells interact with blocks.
-Hard mode (press A on title screen to toggle it).
-Throw up and release shells (like Super Mario World)
-Upgraded smb1 default physics.
-Fixed some annoying bugs of the smb1 engine.
-Best score is backed up now.
-Multiple proper's on screen.
-Swimmable water and lethal lava.
-4 digits coin counter (still gives a 1-up at 100 coins).
-And more!

Now I will give my opinion about this last hack:
I think it's a great job and I think you should take advantage of and even collaborate with the original author to implement many of them in your Hack proposal.

I have tested this Demo Hack and it seems to me that everything is very successful and I think some of these should be taken into account to integrate into your hack.
In my opinion the animation of the coins and the boxes would look great in your hack. The possibility of going back as well. A Pause menu would be more than interesting.

The possibility of crouching with the Sprite of Mario boy, and the possibility of grabbing the turtles and making them collide seems very successful in the first Super Mario.
Another thing that I would take into account is the redesign of the dark levels when you get into a pipe (such as level 1-2) I think that design would be very good in your hack.

I would take into account some variation (as in the demo of this hack) for example alternating the colors of the carnivorous plants that come out of the pipes
, red and green are better than all red. Even some variation in turtles.

I would not implement all the improvements if what you want is to respect the level design of the original (which seems to me the most correct since it is about improving not changing the levels).
But I would take everything into account in order to integrate a second round of the game in the future like in Super Mario Bros 2JP with more difficult levels.

I encourage you to try this hack since it is very good and I think that if you get together or collaborate between both authors, the best Super Mario Bros Hack could come out.
I don't know what the rest of the players will think, but in my head I have the idea of ​​taking the original game and improving it without changing the essence or the level scheme.

I keep commenting, greetings!