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Saga scarlet grace ( Windows ) : edit save files

Started by Frodo1990, April 21, 2022, 11:32:03 PM

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Im trying to edit some save files from the game Saga scarlet grace with the finality to add characters that are normally resctricted to only one story to another, but without not avail ( specifically i want to add zigor to my leonard save file ) . Can someone help me and maybe point me in the right direction? I open first it with a notepad to see if its pure gibberish or not, and there are some comprensible phrases so i think its not out of the question. Any help its apreciated :)


What file extension (zip, txt, 7z, ...) do the saves have?


This can vary depending upon the game.

I would start with the cheat approach actually. I don't know what this game is but for something like a fighting game or RPG where selectable characters are a thing you want to find those values and change them with a cheat.

For games that do restrict by story then actually you might find values are similarly altered by story (value 4 for one story being an entirely different character, even if they appear as a NPC in some capacity). If this game is some kind of visual novel then all bets are off on that one.

Alternatively if it is just a skin then model swaps and sprite swaps become a possibility, possibly with a stats and equip change if that is going to be a thing that matters.


The save files has the extension .bin, and there are 3 files
The one that i checked its the slot.bin

The game its a rpg made in unity i think and its in 3d, i found a cheat device in internet for this game but only to max stats and LP but not to add characters


How big are the files? Can you upload them somewhere like Anonfile for someone to look at?

Also run them through this and post the results for each.

They're probably compressed with a common compression format, if that's the case once you know what it is you can change the file extension to the correct one and open them with 7zip.

I know that FFVD did some work on SSG, ask at the Saga moddding discord.


Oh you are right! I forgot the discord from saga and i will ask there also.
I can upload it to anonfile tomorrow and also they are not big, they are small in fact. in fact the header size its 1 KB.

I did a check up at that page and the results are:

Header 7 =Warning:
The file seems to be plain text. TrID is best suited to analyze binary files!

Match   Ext   File type   MIME type   Related URL   Def's author

Slot 7= File size: 896KB
Match   Ext   File type   MIME type   Related URL   Def's author
45.45%   MP3   MP3 audio (ID3 v1.x tag)   audio/mpeg3      Marco Pontello
36.36%   XEX   EXE   Atari XE Executable   application/octet-stream   Marco Pontello
18.18%   MP3   MP3 audio   audio/mpeg3      Marco Pontello

Icon 7:

File size: 58KB
Match   Ext   File type   MIME type   Related URL   Def's author
100.00%   PNG   Portable Network Graphics   image/png   Marco Pontello

I forgot to mention that the game was made in Unity i think


Maybe the 1st file is a different character encoding?

Could you upload it so someone with experience with different languages can look at it?

NO idea why the 2nd file is an MP3.

The 3rd file is probably a save icon.


I uploaded them to google drive,, please tell me if its works, i rarely use google drive. The save 1 is from Urpina story near the beggining and the other is from Leo story near the beggining also

I got an answer from the saga discord: "It should be possible, but i dont think anyone looked into it. Might be best to check it out with cheat engine first and see whats happening. You can also take a look at the games code to see whats happening, The game was compiled with mono, so you can put Assembly-CSharp.dll into a program like dnSpy and just view the code for the entire game"

I still need to try the thing that suggested FFVD Games, i will see if i can look it by this week


File Slot_1.bin has ASCII strings mixed with something else. I see I think the Yen symbol, various non-printing characters rarely used, and accented characters that are probably actually Japanese text incorrectly interpreted because it's not actually ASCII.

Download Notepad2, install it, rename it to slot1.txt, and open it (make sure you turn off word wrap) to see for yourself.

I don't know much about character encodings so you have to wait for someone else to respond, but I do know that SaGa Frontier 1 uses Shift-JIS with parts of the ASCII subset replaced with event commands for battle and event scripting.


Some of that might have been some types of Japanese encoding but I don't think it is.

If it is a save file though then it is incredibly long form but ascii followed by values for that save game are within reason. Should be easy enough to check -- find something that looks obvious in the save (number of potions or money or even in game time), do like cheat makers do and change just one thing while doing as little else as you can before saving again. Compare saves. If the values corresponding to item count/money (and presumably in game time as you are unlikely to do it all in under 1 frame) change then you have your answer.


For the moment i discovered that "m_party Names" indicates the people in retinue mode ( the people that is actually in your active party) and if you search at the words next to "CharaExpDic" im supposing that is the list of characters recruited?
I will continue trying to modify it and see if something changes