[PSP]Shining 4Force End Earth: The Legend of the Shining Blade(difficulty hack)

Started by chevkraken, April 24, 2022, 02:37:09 PM

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What is Shining 4Force End Earth: The Legend of the Shining Blade?

Shining 4Force End Earth is a Project aiming to modify Shining Blade difficulty by multiple tweaks to make it more strategy like a true Shining Force game.
Shining Blade have one of the greatest battle system for a SRPG but is far too easy, I have played numerous time the game and know what change would be needed to make the game difficulty great.

I choose this name for the Project because at the beginning of the development of the game, the producer of the serie made a deleted tweet announcing a game named "Shining Fourth: End Earth" The choice to use Fourth and not Force being to make it like Shining Force 4 (Fourth and Force have the same pronounciation in japanese). So I chose to use a mix between the 2 name for the project.

As I have no programmation knowlegde, the Project is actually a CWcheat codes compilation to change the XP, Gold Soul gain and the attack power.
If someone is interested to take part of the project to make it a real hack, It's would be great and would allow some better implantation of some tweaks to make it more like Shining Force.

For now, I have found 5 useful CWCheat Codes to modify the gama difficulty. I have been able to edit 2 of them to make the attack power 3 time smaller and give the ennemies full action Point each turn.

But my limited knowledge make I am unable to make the EXP, Soul and Gold multiplier codes into divisor Code (x0,5), so I time for me to post here:

-I search someone who have knowlegde in CWcheat code creation to take part in the project And modify the multiplier code (or create some more suited code)

-And as I said previously, someone with even better programmation knowledge to make it into a real hack, would be even better.


As nice as this sounds, I'd prefer an English patch for the game 1st...


There is already a game translation online for the main story and the character quest as script.

Mechgouki,the translator have never been able to find a team to use it to make an english patch (even partial), mostly because the name he choose during the translation were dislike by the few team who try to patch the game.

And actually, I think a difficulty hack is more important.

Shining blade is a very flawed game only because of it's low difficulty.

Without a difficulty hack, even un english it's still would be flawed