ROM Hacks: Super Mario Land DX has been updated to v2.0!

Started by RHDNBot, April 21, 2022, 01:20:02 PM

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The Beaky Buccaneer

Super Mario Land is my absolute favourite Mario game, so a chance for another revisit is always welcome! Many thanks for all your work. :thumbsup:


GREAT hack! Just played it on an emulator  :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, it doesn't run properly as a .cia file on 3DS, my preferred method of playing  :( As soon as you press start, Mario immediately dies repeatedly until he's out of lives, then the Game Over gets stuck on a loop. I've seen others experience this too, so it's not just me.

Any solutions??


I've tried this on hardware and it's amazing! I haven't run into any problems yet while playing it. Super Mario Land was a big part of my childhood and this makes it even better.
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