ROM Hacks: Elvira's Monster Party (NES) updated

Started by RHDNBot, July 22, 2022, 04:22:15 PM

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Update By: tygerbug

It's a blazing hot summer right now, but we're looking forward to Halloween. You'll be well prepared with this hack originally issued in 2020, where horror hostess and "Queen of Halloween" Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) hosts a special uncensored version of Bandai's 1989 NES game "Monster Party." Based on the prototype restoration by Stardust Crusaders, this hack has been overhauled for 2022, with brand-new, visually complex introductory cutscenes featuring Elvira herself. The rest of the hack is unchanged, as Elvira takes on a parade of movie monsters in a parody world of horrors.

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No one has made a comment on this? Wow... Well, I'm pretty impressed that someone went and made a romhack about Elvira


Hey Elvira is looking real good, it would be nice to see her in more video games  :happy: