Graphicus' Dump of Title Screen Localizations (and possibly other stuff as well)

Started by Graphicus, April 19, 2022, 01:25:36 AM

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I adore all of these efforts. Truly artful, and to do it all within the tile limitations. Kudos.

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Quote from: dewhenson07 on April 21, 2022, 02:50:10 AM
very interesting and might i ask um for the sweet home nes title screen copyright text with the weird japan text why wasnt it translated or was it just for the rom and cant be edited @Graphicus

heres my Title Screen Localization of gyromite and stack up

Hey dude. Plagiarism of someone's graphical work is NOT cool. You claim these are "your" title screen localizations of gyromite and stack up. I don't know about Gyromite but I know for certain that you are not the creator of the Stack Up titlescreen. That was done by an internet buddy of mine on the NESDev discord by user Retronika. He's also got a DeviantArt page.

Maybe you felt you just wanted to show them here as a gallery. Sure, cool. But claiming direct ownership isn't cool. That's all I'll say on this matter. Next time be a better person.


Graphicus-san, do not forget that you also translated Zelda 2's title screen to Swedish for me! Thank you once again!

Please translate Lady Stalker for SNES!


Haha, yeah. I remember. It wasn't really a major re-work, tho, so I left it out :D


Added Captain Tsubasa title screens for 1-4. I might do more later, like the GB games.


Fantastic work as always Graphicus, haven't seen you on MFG lately, cheers!


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May I ask you the Saint Seiya Title Screen Patch. Looks way too good.



Quote from: RealGaea on February 25, 2023, 07:21:11 PMMay I ask you the Saint Seiya Title Screen Patch. Looks way too good.

These are just mock-ups. I haven't edited any actual ROMs. I try to keep the localizations consistent in terms of tile usage/colors so that they are likely feasible in actual implementations. Some of them have been used for real as-is, like the one for the first Yu-Gi-Oh GB game, Maze of Galious, etc... some of them had to be adjusted slightly: NES WARS, and Legend of Double Moon.

If you're a rom-hacker and want to use these for your project, feel free to do so... if you end up realizing that they need to be adjusted somewhat to fit into the ROM, let me know and I'll be happy to make adjustments.