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Chrono Trigger - KWhazit's Re-Retranslation

Started by wakkoswami, April 12, 2022, 03:02:31 AM

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I'm working on inserting KWhazit's updated translation from into Chrono Trigger, in addition to trying to fix all the remaining issues that the old retranslation patch had.

The old retranslation patch, and the addendum patches based off it, use KWhazit's original literal retranslation of the japanese text which can come off very unnatural and is hard to read in many places. The addendum patches do clean it up by fixing errors and mixing in text from the official translations, but in doing so they made the old patch more into a frankenstein's monster of various translations rather than having it be its own thing.

This updated translation, while not perfect, is much closer to an official retranslation and stands on its own as something different. A more literal translation than the SNES/DS versions that still sounds natural and is easy to read.

All that being said, this re-retranslation does have its share of problems and some alterations have been made as well, these are the biggest ones:

KWhazit didn't cover all the text in the game in his updated retranslation, so I'm still using the original one for a lot of the side NPCs and miscellaneous text. As a result of this, some of the re-retranslation can still sound rather awkward and unnatural. I've improved a small handful of the worst lines that just don't make sense or work in english by comparing all the various translations to come up with something that does work while trying to keep the original meaning. (EX: How is your awakening? -> Did you sleep well?)

Only 10-11 spaces are available for enemy/item/tech names with item/tech descriptions and enemy battle messages being quite short as well, so I had to cut a lot of text here. I tried to avoid abbreviations in favor of finding something shorter that still gets the point across, and I really tried to avoid going back to the SNES/DS translation unless it just seemed like the best alternative. Crono's weapons probably get it the worst here, I ended up having to use "Swd" for Sword or Katana to get most of them to fit. (EX: Miracle Shot -> WonderShot)

Similarly, Sylbird is too long to fit as a name. If I added in the 6 letter name hack "Sybird" would fit, but removing even 1 letter just makes it a different name, so I decided to stick with Epoch as the default.

Crono's "Aether" element has been changed to "Heaven". I don't want to remake and insert the element graphic and Heaven is a more accurate translation anyways.

"The Magus" has been changed back to just "Magus". The "The" was added in to show that Magus is meant to be more of a title than a name, but there isn't enough room for "The Magus" in a few places. Also, unlike the japanese version, it doesn't end up making much sense if you decide to change his name to something else later on.

I've included every bug fix that I was able to find and implement into the patch. Fixes made outside of the Temporal Flux editor include:

Targeting AI Low HP fix - The lead character wouldn't be properly targeted in some cases if their HP was the lowest in the party.
Character Name Empty Space fix - Trailing spaces removed on names with less than 5 letters.
Third Eye Menu fix - The Third Eye accessory actually raises Evade by 2.5x, the menu now shows this properly.
Double/Triple Tech ATB Delay fix - The mostly broken ATB delay mechanic that only applied to supporting characters in double/triple techniques has been cut out of the game entirely for consistency.

Setting aside bug fixes, I've also included some gameplay changes that I wanted. I may take these out of the main patch later, but for now they're baked in:

Specchio's final form can be fought starting from Level 50 instead of 99.
The 1 respawning Rokk(Rubble) enemy on Grief Mountain no longer respawns.
Robo, Ayla, and Magus learn techniques faster, at the same rate as Marle, Lucca, and Frog.

Dark Matter: Power changed from 38 to 42, same as Flare.
Line Bomb: Damage changed from MegatonBomb's x1 to MegatonBomb's x2. About the same damage as Flare x1.5.
PainMantle(Gloom Cape): Speed +1, Absorbs Dark damage.

And the "Frog Power Up":
Suzaku(Shiva Edge): 4x damage during criticals removed, Critical rate increased from 7% to 20%.
Reborn Grandleon: 4x damage during criticals added
Hero Badge: Raises the Grandleon's Critical rate from 50% to 100%. (0x3DB3F7, changed 32 to 64)


KWhazit, ZeaLitY, Geiger, JLukas, Vehek, Lena Andreia, and Kyronea for the original CT Retranslation, and KWhazit again for the updated translation
Doctor L for the Heaven element graphic
belthegor for the JP Title Screen hack
Chronosplit for the Time Menu Update hack
Mike Ferrell for the Unsightly Pixel hack
Mauron and the Chrono Compendium community

Re-Retranslation v1.0 - Apply patch to an unmodified, headered Chrono Trigger rom

v1.0 covers everything up to the first trip to the Future. Any text not tied to a location like enemy/item/tech names is done as well.

The next patch will cover everything up to 12,000 BC, and the final patch will come after that.

Midnight Metronome

Literal translations are a brain dead waste of time.


I guess it's good that this isn't one then?

Red Soul

I'll take a literal translation over a Working Designs style script gorefest, but meeting somewhere in the middle is a good idea. Hopefully the Japanese terminology is kept intact.