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Finding which file in a DS ROM

Started by Guadozoku, April 15, 2022, 06:19:59 PM

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So I'm looking for a certain scene's text in a DS rom. I of course used DS lazy, which gave me several thousand files, and I found the text I need in the DS rom itself, but is there a program to see the file structure and tell me which file is at a certain hex address in the rom?


Ignoring ctrl c ctrl f ctrl v in hex editor search (or if that is going the other way and you wanting to match something found in ROM with a file then extract all, TAR the lot which has the perk of file names between files, there are binary grep functions you can send over a directory tree as well but I am not sure what is there for windows -- plain grep on windows I always used to like astrogrep) then yeah most ds file system aware tools will at some level, including ndstool that underpins dslazy/dsbuff (in the version I have here it is the -l command with an additional -v , though might wish to pipe it somewhere as that will be more than the average command line buffer for most ROMs).

Anyway my main two are probably going to be ndsts and crystaltile2.
I normally have it around as a quick way to insert files I have not changed the size for or can pad out without having to do a file system rebuild (makes patches larger/longer to make/potentially less mutually compatible and occasionally does not work with certain ROMs that use file order/number rather than name, instead people tending to opt for nitro explorer or manual methods) or repoint things.

Open ROM, open DS file system (DS icon on the right of the toolbar icons), double click on chosen file to set hex/disasm/tile editor. In status bar will be what file the currently cursor corresponds to (including ignoring padding between files), the tile editor portion being the more useful for most of what I want to do.

As we are in programming section then if you did want to build something to parse it out.


Thanks. I got it with Crystal Tile 2. It looks like that file's text is stored in small chunks rather than full strings, so I wouldn't know what to do with it. I'll just wait till I finish my draft of the game's main script (just 970KB to go) and find a hacker who can properly dump and reinsert the rest of the script that's embedded in bigger files.