Can Someone Fix The Font On The DeJap Star Ocean Translation?

Started by Ariel Schnee, April 03, 2022, 05:27:30 PM

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Ariel Schnee

Star Ocean


DeJap Translation 1.0


The font is almost unreadable. I've taken some screenshots here. Look. (It's all too fuzzy to read clearly.) (The word "Skills" look fine. So does the frame on the bottom. The stuff in the skills list is horrible though. "Edarl Style" cuts off at "Edarl St". It's a mess.) (The word "Status" is fine. The rest though... "Leather Armor", and "Leather Greaves", is flowing off the screen now.)

Can someone please make a hack to make the font more readable than it is?


Dont post the same thing twice. I did the same request as you and in the future we'll see our wish come true (if the author wishes so of course)
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the latter two screenshots aren't a problem of the font but screen space. that's an important distinction.
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