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Super Mario 3 All Stars (Graphics Hack)

Started by Mr Kite, April 02, 2022, 05:35:50 PM

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Mr Kite

Hi all

would just like to share what I've been working on since the beginning of last year. I used to love Mario All-Stars but as time has gone by, I've started to find the changes made don't quite have the same charm as the originals. I find this especially the case for Mario 3, my favourite Mario game. After going back to the original after years, I realised how much I missed the original style; so I've tried to somewhat* faithfully recreate it in the SNES version, on a standalone SMB3 ROM using Yoshifanatic's standalone patch and disassembly. I want to capture more of the atmosphere of the orignal Famicom/NES game while taking advantage of the SNES's technical superiority, such as allowing more colours and better quality sound.

I've come a long way from not knowing anything about ASM to having a... "lower" intermediate proficiency in it and the bulk of the work is finished. There's just a few things, plus a fair bit of polishing required; plus, I'd like to make my own musical arrangements, although I'm not quite sure how I'll go about that yet.

Anyway, here's a few screenshots to give you a flavour of what I'm trying to do...

*I've added a few personal preferences like bipedal koopas, bespoke Koopaling sprites etc

I'll add a few more later. Don't want to spam the thread!


I love adding the whites of their eyes, like in Super Mario 2. A small touch, but it definitely makes the characters look better.

Neon Streetlight

Very cool! I've always wished the All-Stars version retained the original king transformations. This is a promising hack - good luck!


Very interesting stuff!! It somehow reminds me of the WonderBoy Drangon's Trap PCE version (Dragon's Curse). Same game, improved audio and visuals without taking (barely) artistic liberties.

Really desiring seeing it finished  :beer:

Mr Kite

Thanks for all the kind words. It really helps keep me motivated.

Here's a few more...


This is lookin' real smooth, I like how it's coming along.  :thumbsup:


Great project, I would love a similar project on NES. :beer:

adding the white to the eyes is the best changes the dull look of the original version to a more cartoony cool look like in Super Mario 2

redraw the Koopalings they are great  :thumbsup:

Mr Kite

Thanks both.

My Koopaling sprites currently look like this...