Fire Emblem 1 (SD&BoL) - War of Darkness (Randomizer + Improvements) (Open Beta)

Started by Polinym, March 09, 2022, 02:09:41 AM

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Hello! After working on a translation for the first Fire Emblem game, I still wanted to keep messing with the game. So, after doing some work on an editor, I decided to compile all my ideas into a single project I'm calling 'Fire Emblem: War of Darkness".

War of Darkness is an English patch that comes with a number of enhancements for the original game to bring it up-to-speed with its remakes. Total faithfulness isn't the name of the game here, so I've also thrown in some stuff just for fun. The other part of this project is a randomizer, which the improvements will help make more fun. The randomizer will likely be available as a stand-alone application in addition to a patch that contains just the enhancements. Unfortunately, the editor program I'm making isn't quite releasable yet, so I've included some randomized patches in with the base patch with random seeds/names.

Check out the beta here:

Here's a list of all the improvements I've added so far:

- Camus is recruitable by Astria
- Mages use their Strength/Magic to attack
- Stat window shows MAGIC for Mages instead of STRENGTH
- Crossbows are short-range only weapons for Archers
- Thunder/Tron tomes deal bonus damage to Dragon Knights
- Nyna replaces Biraku in Chapter 5
- Generals can wield Swords, Lances, and Bows
- Gradius, Parthia, and the Miracle Rapier are unbreakable
- Mars starts with a Vulnery
- Some units have Resistance now (based on Monshou).
- All units promote using Master Seals now
- Knights promote to Generals
- Hunters promote to Horesmen
- Iron Lances have 6 Might instead of 5
- New Usabilty table
- Added Steel Lance
- Enemies use Steel Lances like in Monshou
- Added Killer Lance
- Added Killer Bow
- Added Slim Lance
- Added Nothung
- Miracle Rapier is no longer Mars-exclusive
- Added Intro
- Added different song for some chapter intros
- Misheil is recruitable by Maria (replaces Jake)
- Added Swordkiller (eff. against Merc / Hero)
- Thieves can promote to Lord
- Lords can use Rapiers (important for randomizer)
- Clerics will use the female sprite for all female units


Here are the things I plan on trying to add in the future:


- Clerics gain EXP from healing (even just this would make this project complete!)
- Commando class is converted to Dancer (groundwork is done, need to figure out animations)
- All female mages use Linda's battle sprite
- Randomized chest/village rewards
- Fake Maphs, Chapter 23 redesign based of Shadow Dragon
- Map compression (to better allow custom maps)
- "Avatar" customization for randomizer (select name, class, male/female, strength/weakness, like modern games)


I'd also be happy to hear any ideas you guys have to add some spice or improvement to Shadow Blade and the Light of Dragon. Let me know what you think! :D

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