Are Cartographer and Atlas still functional on Windows 10 and above?

Started by DeviFoxx, March 05, 2022, 04:05:03 AM

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Having some compatibility issues here, so I thought I'd ask.

I'm trying to take a stab at translating a Super Famicom / SNES game, but I'm running Windows 10 Pro.

I downloaded the latest versions of Cartographer and Atlas respectively for the sake of dumping / reinserting text. However, when I try to run the executables for both, they immediately close. I figured it was a compatibility issue, so I tried running the Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter and switching compatibility modes for different OSes. No luck. Still the same result.

Anyone have any ideas or alternatives? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.


Are Cartographer and Atlas still functional on Windows 10 and above?


This applies to all command-based tools:

To prevent Cartographer (for instance) from immediately close the easiest you can do is create a new file in the same folder as Cartographer and save it as aName.bat

Open the bat-file in a text editor and type



Save it and now you can double click on the bat-file to execute Cartographer and remain open.

You need of course learn how to use Atlas and Cartographer and have the appropriate parameters to insert or dump your script but this answers your question.


I remember reading, about a year ago or so, someone who had coded an utility called ABCDE or something similar, which was an attempt of fusing the functionalities of both Atlas and Cartographer into one tool. Perhaps you could give it a try and see if it might do the trick for the game you want to hack. Good luck!

PD: I wanted to make sure I had written the name correctly and ended up finding that tool's official thread: