Majin Tensei english translation - new font patch

Started by badnest, February 24, 2022, 11:37:54 AM

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Hey everyone, I've made a patch to be applied to the Majin Tensei english translation by ddstranslation and Tom. The font sacrifices some of the readability found in their font choice in favor of that classic SMT vibe. I drew it with Atlus' SMT1 font in mind. This required some minor hacking to get perfect results, but in the end I think I didn't introduce any new bugs and it looks pretty good.

I want to release this in the near future as an addendum patch, so people like me have a second option for a font. But I don't want to do so without first asking the ddstranslation team for their blessing. I tried to PM them but their inbox is full and Tom seems to be inactive here for almost a year. So if anyone who's reading has the means to bring this to their attention, please do.

Also please share your opinions on the above screenshot, thanks.


Looks nice. I don't see why ddstranslation would care about a font patch. Just saying...


Quote from: hsialin on February 24, 2022, 06:43:15 PM
I don't see why ddstranslation would care about a font patch

Well, if I was the author of the translation I'd like to at least know about what's being done with my work. But come to think about it, romhacking is all about modifying other people's work without permission anyway, so who cares I guess. I'll have it released once I make some final adjustments.