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ROM Hacks: Manall's FF1 v2.04 Update

Started by RHDNBot, February 14, 2022, 09:42:46 PM

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Update By: Manall

It's time for the first update in over a year! The changes have been culminating over a while, and after a bug was discovered by a fellow player there was no reason not to finish this patch. Additionally, there are a few weapon tweaks included, and the guide/maps are more condensed and accessible.

-A bug with the Onrac weapon shop was reported by a user, and this version fixes that.
-Documentation is now more easily accessible (and animated!)
-The maps that come with the mod now also show monster rosters & treasure information. This is how it was always intended to be, and it has finally been achieved. ♥
-The password to the mystery box has been made more intuitive and context-sensitive.
-Wooden Arrow critical rate raised from 16% to 20% to polish Archer's early game
-Edited whip visuals
-Thorn Whip replaces Drake Whip - poisons targets instead of a bonus vs. fire/lizards
-Storm Whip is now fire-elemental in addition to lightning and ice

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