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DSVEdit (DSVania Editor) (v1.12.0)

Started by LagoLunatic, February 25, 2017, 06:50:08 PM

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I'm making a AoS romhack. I already have the sprites ready, I just need to put them in the editor but there's a few things I can't find.
- What are the character portrait gfx pointers? They aren't in Sprite Editor.
- Player Editor & Player state editor says that they cannot be edited with this tool. Which tool would you recommend for it?


Question: any plans to improve AoS Weapon Animation preview to place Soma's frames as reference, and fix overhead swing animation preview to show it being swung?


Any potential plans? Lago, wake up.

- Starting HP/Mana/Hearts (OOE & HOD) and HP/Mana/Hearts(OOE/HOD) per level, including starting STR, CON, INT, LUCK, MND (POR, OOE) and STR, CON, INT, LUCK, MND (POR, OOE) per level.


How do I duplicate entities in DSVANIA editor?