Help on Gunstar Heroes (Game Gear) English Translation

Started by MarioandSonic999, February 03, 2022, 02:20:37 PM

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Hey guys,

So, I just got started working on the English translation of "Gunstar Heroes" for the Game Gear. I'm trying to pick up some of the text from the Genesis version, and I kinda need your help on something.

I'm currently using the Hex Workshop where it's mostly recommended, and I'm trying to find where the parts in the data regarding about the text is. Does anyone know?


Finding the text is basically the whole point. Also most probably won't be using a simple general purpose hex editor as their initial forays (or indeed while you could slap hex workshop hard enough to display things you won't want to when there are table supporting ROM hacking focused efforts). Instead maybe try a relative search , and I cover some more (GBA and DS focused but the principles are mostly the same whatever you are doing) in as well.

Also I don't know how easy backporting the text will be -- even assuming it is the same story then when it comes to shifting between devices the lack of screen real estate. Granted not as bad as porting say a PS3 remake to what was originally a SNES game but enough that I note it.


Like, I came up with the idea of wanting to translate the game to full English, which that it has about the same script as from the Genesis version. I'm the one who started the project, so can anyone else help me with that?