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SFC to SMC ?

Started by Pee wee, February 07, 2022, 03:55:56 AM

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Pee wee

Hi guys,

I hope you are all well. Pls, I wonder if it´s possible to convert a rom in .SFC format (SNES) to .SMC. I not find any application for it. It should be said that changing the extension manually does not work.

Appreciate any clarification.

Thank you in advance.


In a perfect world, only SMC would have the 0x200 byte copy header and SFC wouldn't. This is because "SMC" stands for Super Magicom, a popular external Floppy disk drive to load game. Because Super Famicom games were big for the time, the header contained metadata for rom binaries spanned across multiple floppies. In reality, the SFC and SMC extension might as well be interchangeable because people suck.

If you are working with a utility, change the extension. If it still fails to load, add a 0x200 bytes of any value at the beginning of the rom.


Quote from: Pee wee on February 07, 2022, 03:55:56 AMIt should be said that changing the extension manually does not work.
Please clarify how you came to the conclusion that it "does not work".

If you are trying to do something that requires a ROM with a header, but you only have a ROM without a header – or vice-versa – then yes, you will need a utility that can add or remove a header.
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Pee wee

I am so grateful for your reply @FCandChill, and @Jorpho. Sorry, I made a mistake with a letter  :angel: Effectively it works fine. I just had to change the extension manually and done!