Zelda Outland Hack flags my antivirus software on Win10 and Mac

Started by pixelatedgamesrfun, February 01, 2022, 09:57:10 PM

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I have tried to download this hack 3 times and every time my computers flag and remove it from my hdd. Has this file been compromised or is this normal? None of the other hacks have caused this issue so I'm curious why this file seems to do this. Are there any other places to find a playable version? Thanks in advance.


Antivirus software really doesn't like old programs. Especially when it likes to think that anything that COULD signify a virus IS a virus. (when real viruses would update VERY quickly to avoid detection)

I believe at the time of the ROM hack's release, the false assumption from antivirus makers was that any EXE using compression (IPX or UPX or something) HAD to be a virus because SURELY obscuring code was the ONLY reason programs would do that, and not maybe uh, wanting to reduce filesize to reduce bandwith consumption?

To the point, antivirus software SHOULD have a capability to mark files as good.

I think you could not use the EXE version of the patch, but the IPS and a separate IPS patcher.
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