ROM Hacks: Star Fox - Mouse Mode - Play Star Fox with SNES mouse!

Started by RHDNBot, February 01, 2022, 11:16:43 AM

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Update By: kandowontu

Imagine - the year is 1993. The SNES comes out with Star Fox - and it supports the SNES mouse!

That is the idea of this project - enjoy a whole new experience playing Star Fox in the style of Descent or an FPS!

By putting a mouse onto port 2, you can now control the ship!

Left mouse button - Fire

Right mouse button - Bomb

Both buttons at the same time - BOOST or BRAKE
Double clicking both buttons within 9 frames will swap the mode from Boost-Brake.

You can move by aiming, as well as move by using the D-pad.

Enjoy! This rom comes packed with Crosshair always on, 21mhz SuperFX, and FASTROM enabled.

This is another project brought to you by kandowontu and the Star Fox Exploration Discord Server.

Starfox Exploration Discord:

Twitter: @kandowontu

Special thanks to Catador and Phonymike

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