Questions about background pictures of mesen's activities

Started by looks png, January 26, 2022, 03:30:39 AM

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looks png

What is the background of mesen and the whole process of programming?

I only see it in the help document, saying:

<background>myBackground. png,1.0,0,0,N,0,0

Then there is the content explanation behind the instruction

Here it is pointed out:

<background> tags meant to be used alongside conditions to add a background image under certain conditions (e.g on a specific screen, for example).

But how should this "under certain conditions" be formulated?

For example, this is the script of contract:


[DestroyedBuildingI&BaseDoorFix1&BaseDoorFix2]<background>Stage1BaseBlowUp9. png,1,0,0,10,0,0




Why is it written like this?

Where can I find learning materials to define the premise of < background >?


Oh, yes, I may be really boring, because I always ask some simple questions in the eyes of experts, so that's it

I'd better learn the programming knowledge of 6502 from scratch


This is explained here:

You can use multiple conditions by joining the condition names with "&". So "[DestroyedBuildingI&BaseDoorFix1&BaseDoorFix2]" is actually 3 conditions: "DestroyedBuilding", "BaseDoorFix1" and "BaseDoorFix2".