ROM Hacks: Few Graphical Tweaks to Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition

Started by RHDNBot, January 26, 2022, 09:07:50 PM

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Update By: Rael G.C.

Some improvements to the Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition hack (all sent to Linkuei, the author of the hack).

In attached images, there are 3 columns: the hack, the improvements in progress and the arcade version (resized).

So, a short description of the improvements:

- Sub-Zero: reworked background, new blue in palette colors, hand colors improvement, some touches on his forehead.

- Liu Kang: some smoothness to his face shadows, reworked left ear, reworked left fire in the background.

- Scorpion: resized of the yellow cover mask, some border smoothing, reworked the colors on his forehead (the arcade is using gray shadows, but the ROM has only 1 gray... so at least now it appears a bit more natural gradient).

- Kano: both ears are improved (mostly the right one), both eyes were reworked (to match the arcade a bit closer), the right side of this neck was reworked too, and some recoloring of the leather bags on his shoulder.

- Rayden: some smoothness on the shadows on his face (to appear not "hand drawn" and bit more "real" like the arcade), some smooth and repositioning in some lightning, improved the inner shadow on his "hat", redrawn of the hand... and the most difficulty one: re-create the dark gray shadows on his kimono. But the arcade is using more than 6 shades of gray, while this screen have only one. For now, it's just trying to simulate a simple shadow.

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