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Started by Garmy, December 22, 2021, 01:46:20 AM

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Ganesha Dx

For a while, the only way to make maps for FFT was to use a legacy program called Ganesha. It was awkward and slow to use and incomplete in its feature set. I saw that this was a hurdle in the development of new FFT Mods and the growth of the FFT Modding Scene.

So I started from scratch and built a modern and full-featured map editor for Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX).

The features that allow you to edit any aspect of the maps is done, including:
Polygons, Texture Images, Texture UVs, Palettes, Terrain, Animated Meshes, Animated Texture UVs, Animated Palettes, Lighting, and Background Colors.

It's still in alpha, so there are some quality of life features still left to implement.

Download Ganesha Dx

An FFT Map Making Community

There's also a community around making maps on Discord. The Channel is #map-editing. They'll also get you started using the app until I get a chance to make some video tutorials. Hope to see you there. The community is small still, yet welcoming.

Join the Discord

Just for Fun

There's a Twitch channel called FFTBattleground that's pretty fun. Two AI-driven teams battle each other and members in chat can bet on which team they think will win. Plus, you can roll a character and enter it in battle, gain XP to roll more powerful characters, and more. It's very well done.

And, the owner of the channel is always looking for new maps to add to its rotation, so if you make a good map, maybe it'll end up on the channel.

Play on the FFT Battleground

Some Maps I Made

I've made a few maps from scratch using GaneshaDx, to show what is possible. These maps were also featured on FFTBattleground.


Looks impressive.
What you are doing here is nothing short of amazing, bravissimo!


Wow these Chrono Trigger maps are beautiful  :thumbsup:


Holy smokes, this is huge. I imagine the folks at FFHacktics would love to learn about this.


Nice maps! I actually did some work on modding FFT some time ago (the only post-SNES game I put a decent amount of time into modding), but put it on hold because I felt I wasn't skilled enough. Hopefully I'll return to it when I have fewer ongoing projects.
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IIRC Garmichael works closely with the FFHacktics community, they already know about this.

Here are some videos ArmoredKori made working on various maps.


Really impressive, nice to see this for an old game like this.


Hot damn!
I remember when the original first came out.
This is a vast improvement and the example maps are just crazy to think to ever see in a FFT hack.


I put together a complete tutorial series on making maps using GaneshaDx

Watch: GaneshaDx tutorial series on YouTube

There's a lot to learn but the technical stuff isn't that hard. Anyone can do it!

Hopefully this will help anyone who is interested in making custom maps but didn't know where to start.


This is amazing.  If there was a scripting tool to create events, can you imagine what the community would be capable of?

I love the idea of a tutorial series for this, help out on things like creation and bringing in maps.

Awesome stuff man, great work and thank you!


A really good job. I'm looking at the playlist that includes the video tutorials for using the editor and I'm amazed at the options the tool offers.