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Extracting TIZ Files (PSX)

Started by Lazermutt4, January 23, 2022, 02:22:44 PM

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I'm having trouble extracting graphics from a PS1 game, stored as TIZ files.
(Converting them as-is with programs like JPSXDEC produces jumbled and corrupted graphics.)
In all honesty, I barely know what they even are, mostly going off the assumption that they're compressed TIMs.
And any searching just leads me to an obscure PS1 game called Tokyo Insect Zoo (TIZ).

Basically (assuming I'm right), I need a way to extract the TIMs, and then I can convert them to a more standard format for editing. (Which there's several programs for)

Does anyone have any recommendations for programs or methods that can accomplish this?


To get people interest to help, you should provide the name of the game and a sample of the file. ;)
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QuickBMS is pretty much the only name in town. If QuickBMS doesn't support it, then you're probably on your own.

(It would be tempting to suggest they called it TIZ because they deliberately used the .zip deflate algorithm, but I kind of doubt you can just throw it at a Zip program and expect it to work.)
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