Do I need to remove snes rom header in This particular gameswap on official pcb?

Started by bytestorm, January 21, 2022, 03:23:27 AM

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I have gotten hold of a Super Famicom cart that has the same PCB as used in Super Punch Out!!. My goal is to simply remove the maskrom and replace it with an adapter pcb holding a flash memory, containing Super Punch Out!! instead (the USA/NTSC version).

No patches or hacks, just changing the game. Now, adapter pcb/flash memory aside, do I really need to remove the ROM header in this case?
I read on "!!_(SNES)" that the game has some antipiracy checks involving the header?

In all the repro guides I found they always mention Removing the header.. But would I really need to in this particular case?
And if so, would you be so kind to explain why that would have to be done? Since I guess the header is indeed found in the original maskrom data?

Thanks for your time!


This is not a forum to discuss making pirated cartridges.
Please find a more appropriate place to discuss it.
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