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Pokemon Kanto Ultimate

Started by PokemonKantoUltimate, January 22, 2022, 10:21:07 AM

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A challenging and revised Kanto, with a now rounded off story, harder difficulty, all legendaries obtainable, every hero, gym leader, and popular character from the first three generations all making an appearance.


* New tileset

* Day/Night System

* Tohjo Falls & Mt Silver added to complete Kanto

* Southern Island & Mirage Island also

* Trainer & Pokemon Sprites updated

* Physical/Special Split

* HMs forgettable/TM's Infinite

* Two extra rivals in based on Blue & Yellow from the manga

* Gen I-III, some Gen IV, & Fakemon (see doc)

* Contains all features of Richtersnypes & Tkim's 'unofficial throwback' (GB Sounds, Bills PC Trading, Faraway Island etc...)

* Johto & Hoenn Gym Leaders, All Elite Four members placed in overworld as trainers for you to encounter (all rematchable)

* Orange Island Leaders (rematchable) & Frontier Brains added in also

* Tracey, Eusine, Wally, Ash, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Crystal, Lyra, Wes, Maxie, Ritchie, Archie, Bill, Mr Fuji, Nurse Joy, Oak, Butch & Cassidy all in for an extra challenge

* Event inclusions in for: Sudowoodo, Suicuine, Entei, Raikou, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Celebi, Jirachi & Red Gyarados

* All evolutions in game work: level up, stone, or happiness (see doc)

* Every trainer's team scaled up, Extra trainers added, All trainer AI maxed

* Gym Leaders (all have 6, rematchable), Elite Four & Rival revamped, teams and moves amended to reflect adventures, anime, & the OG games

* Trainer House in Viridian from G/S/C included, allowing infinite rematches of all Kanto Gym Leaders, Elite Four, & the Rival Trainers

* Jessie & James battles & Kanto starters in their Yellow locations

* Some Abilities/Types/Moves/Stats changes for you to discover

* And more...


Richtersnypes & Tkim

- For 'Throwback', an excellent hack and the core KU is built on.


- For the coverart.


- For the stunning tileset, which truly has added a new dimension to the project.

Zel, LinkandZelda, & Alex Sanchez

- For a few of the sprites that I incorporated into my project.

The Vega Creators

- For the Fakemon I included.


- For the BW styled pokemon party screen.

Green Jerry

- For the Platinum style text boxes.

YOY-X & Jaizu

- For the HP Bar.

Chaos Rush

- For the 64x64 Sprite Resource



Kanto Ultimate Document (Locations, Spoilers etc...)

Status: Final Release

Required Rom: Pokemon Fire Red US 1.0

Online there are various versions of the hack, with a version number next to the title, they are older versions. Here, Reddit, and Gbahacks have the final version.