Mesen-S tilemap viewer suddenly has errors (SOLVED, PLEASE DISREGARD)

Started by NES Boy, January 21, 2022, 08:16:04 PM

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PREFACE: Since this was first posted, I figured out that this was caused by disabling the auto-refresh in the tilemap viewer. Reenabling it fixed the issue, so your help is no longer needed. Thank you for reading this, anyway.

I may be a longtime user, but I'm unsure if this is the right board to post this. I hope I'm right.

Anyway, until today, I had no problems using Mesen-S's tilemap viewer. Currently, this pops up whenever I try to access it:

The tilemap viewer itself then pops up, but without displaying game data. Trying to do anything with the viewer at this point causes similar errors to pop up. I have to use the Task Manager to quit the emulator whenever I try to use the tilemap viewer.

The tile, sprite, and palette viewers are fine, it's just the tilemap viewer I'm having trouble with.

I'm using Version 0.4.0 of the emulator, and I was running Super Metroid when it started happening, experimenting with the RAM addresses for the game's minimap.