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[Technical] [Master System] Tensai Bakabon

Started by FCandChill, January 18, 2022, 10:30:07 PM

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I'm looking for very basic technical assistance for a Master System game called Tensai Bakabon. It's one of the few Master System games that need translating. The pointer system was reverse engineered, however, the game is stored in a scripting language. Locating the pointers is fairly easy, but takes a little bit of time. Debug with the emulator Emulicious, which is the most advanced debugging emulator that supports the Master System. Set a breakpoint at 0101D and then trigger a dialogue line.

0101D: Line Breakpoint hit
0101D: ld l, (ix+0)                     HL=C6F8 IX=2F0F IY=DE01

And viola, you got the pointer location! It's stored in register IX. Once you get a pointer address, you have to add it to the toolset. See the download link below:

Add it to Settings.json in the address field. Some have already been done:


You can verify your work in multiple ways.
1. Dump the script by executing "Dump.bat". You'll need to get your own rom and add it to the "roms" folder and name it "Tensai Bakabon (Japan).sms". Execute the bat file by double clicking it and the script will be located in "script/script.json". See the terminal output for any errors.
2. "script/scraped script.json" contains the entire script obtained without reading the pointers. Cross check your dumped script with this one.
3. Set "BlankOutTextDataAfterRead" to true in "Settings.json". This will produce a modified rom which blanks out areas in the rom where dumped text entries are. This helps identify undumped text entries. Be careful though, as this may mess with the script dump. So set it to false when you don't need it.

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ccmar went through the trouble of locating most of the pointers. As a result, this topic has been marked as resolved.