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Author Topic: [Technical] Help needed for modifying the font for Sonic Rivals  (Read 215 times)


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Hello, Im trying to make a Japanese language translation for the game Sonic Rivals since the game never released in japan.

The technical issue I need assistance with is in dumping, modifying, and reinserting the game's font.
Since the games text is sored in a plain .txt file it will be very easy to modify the games text, but without being able to insert the necessary Japanese glyphs into the game's font the translation cant happen.

The textures and Ascii-to-glyph tables for the game's fonts are most likely stored in file called GLOBAL_BINARY.STR
  • (12_pt_white) starts at $38a0
  • (18_pt_chrome) starts at $14870
  • (36_pt_chrome) starts at $25890

(the textures maybe "Swizzled", but I cant it)

I've tried to rip the games font myself using different tools but so far no luck, so help with this problem would be very much appreciated.

If you would like to join my project please reply to this post or contact me through discord (6Kyojin4#5623)

My role in project will be as a technical assistant and graphics designer (
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