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Hack of FireRed!!

Started by VinitBelam, January 17, 2022, 11:59:59 AM

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I am extremely new to romhacking as a whole and am wanting to make my own hack of FireRed. I have a basic outline of the plot down and I know what I want to include in the hack, I just have no idea how to even start hacking a rom, if I need to ask Skeli permission to include existing hacks, if I'm gonna have to use my old laptop to do it or if I can use my phone, etc. I want to include my own region map(already drawn) and a pre-existing hack or two(namely Dynamic Pokemon Expansion and Complete FireRed Upgrade). I have a basic story outline completed and am working on it, characters, etc. by the day. I also want to include custom trainer sprites, dynamax raids,mega evolution, z moves, 2 new Eeveelutions, and a new Regi. Anyone willing to help or just kinda run me by some basic instructions or something would be appreciated greatly. It's currently just my best friend and I working on it and the project was just started a day or two ago, but I really want to make this a reality. Anyone with further questions can hit me up at (removed) :) thanks again!


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