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DKC GBA Soundtrack on SNES Version?

Started by ginbunbun, December 15, 2016, 02:19:25 PM

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Well I have absolutely no hacking, programming, knowledge what so ever. I just wanted to ask this if it were at all possible. Is it possible for someone to port the soundtrack from the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3 to the SNES version? The reason I would like to know is because even tho David Wise did all the music for the first 2 donkey kong games on snes, when it came to the third game he was only a secondary composer. Eveline Fischer mostly did the music for the game. Anyway thank you all for your time. This is just something I wondered about.


Sorry for replying to such an old topic, but I found it pertinent since it was practically the only forum post talking about this stuff that I even found on google. Anyway, while I know of no direct ports of the GBA soundtrack to the SNES version, there is an MSU-1 patch to DKC3 that allows you to use multiple different soundtracks and one of the available packs is the GBA soundtrack! You can use the patched rom with the MSU-1 music on emulators such as BSNES or on real hardware with FXPAK PRO / SD2SNES.

Here's a place I found the patch and the packs on: