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Pokemon RED 1995 English Patch????

Started by djskyzville, January 16, 2022, 09:56:27 AM

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So i've been playing Pokemon GREEN version from 1995 with an english patch on it.
But like If the rest of the world got a different Red Version from the Pocket Monsters Red from Japan as well as a Blue version, How can I play the ORIGINAL 1995 Red version in English so I can trade over the other pokemon?
I do not want to play the 1998 pokemon english red, i would like to play the original. I have a Japanese Pokemon Red from 95 but it is in japanese lol... Is there no english patches for this yet?


That is a bootleg. Who knows where it came from.

Maybe that same bootlegger did Red as well but unless a copy turns up and gets dumped, we'll never know.

I mean stranger things have happened, the bootleg Pokemon Diamond (Telefang Power Version) seemed to have been dumped almost as soon as the thing was probably released, but AFAIK Pokemon Jade (Speed Version) wasn't dumped until like 15 years later, when someone released it as patch to the Japanese ROM.
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Ok thank you I tried trading with the green English and usa blue version and in both games I traded over pidgeys but they became crazy strong glitch pokemon lol


I don't know how compatible the bootleg Green is with the legitimate Green, but Japanese Gen 1 and 2 games are known to be incompatible with all other language versions (that supposedly even includes Korean Gen 2, which have UIs resembling Japanese but are said to internally match the international data formatting)
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