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Final Fantasy 5: Void Divergence [SNES]

Started by praetarius5018, June 13, 2018, 05:02:54 PM

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Loving the hack so far.  Everything is explained very well in the included documents, and I think it's a great improvement on vanilla.

I did find one thing not listed.  Is there a list of where to get the Blue magic spells anywhere?  I didn't see it anywhere in the misc_number doc.  If not, would it be possible to add them somewhere, perhaps in the unlock field for either magic or enemies?



I've the creation of such a list still on my todo list, so currently no complete list exists; the spells that already existed in vanilla should all be still in their original spots.


Loving this romhack so far! I've been playing on difficulty 1, core rules for all of the game and have managed to get past every boss so far, but Merugene/Melusine is a definite wall for me. Any tips on beating her?


Best I have is that she should start weak to fire. The weaknesses she has are about 3x effective compared to normal.
Any form scan doesn't reveal her current weakness, only the first element she uses after barrier change should tell you in which form she is then.