Ember of Mana (A brand new Mana adventure for Gameboy)

Started by Ok Impala!, January 02, 2022, 12:46:27 AM

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Ok Impala!

It has been a while since the last update. Some side projects popped up with reduced encounter rate patches for Lufia and Breath of Fire I & II (check my profile for the RHDN pages). Meanwhile, progress on Ember of Mana has been going steady. Most work was done for the final dungeon. I'm not going to share screenshots of that dungeon to prevent possible spoilers. What I can share however are two amazing new gameplay additions (thanks to Xenophile).

First we have... manual save points. In vanilla FFA you can save anywhere, making it pretty likely you'd get yourself stuck in an unsolvable situation. Not anymore... with manual save points I, as a creator, get more control on when the player can save. On top of that I can automatically heal poison status, so players can't save with 1 HP and poison status anymore.  ;)

See it in action:

And then we have... a new HUD including a count down to your next lvl up! I wanted a way for the player to see his EXP progression right on the HUD. When I played FFA in the past I often opened the menu to check how much EXP I needed for my next lvl up. Now, the player can directly see the counter moving with every monster defeated. It's a nice gameplay touch to give the player an incentive to defeat monsters. The HUD itself is also completely revamped with icons added and a new color to make it more distinct from the background. (thanks once again to Xenophile with the help in this!)

See it in action:

Viewers with a sharp eye might also have noticed the knock-back after hitting a monster is much smaller than it was in FFA, we are also working on small adjustments like that to improve the gameplay experience. There is so much other cool stuff I could show here, but let's keep it at this for now. I'll keep steadily plowing forward. There's still a huge amount of work left, so stay tuned for future updates!  :)